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CRYSTAL PRIVE – private and luxurious space filled with mystery. It’s only you and...!
High end, completely separate and 100% confidential recreation and entertainment area where you will be the king of the castle!

What to expect and what will you be charged for?
You will be charged an all-inclusive hourly rate of the CRYSTAL PRIVE service which includes: 1. Private recreational area with luxurious furniture.
2. Private jacuzzi with shower.
3. Separate, multifunctional massage table.
4. Special assortment of soft drinks and snacks.
5. Sound equipment so you can play your favourite music.
6. Completely separate WC.
7. Unconditional confidentiality.
No video cameras! It’s only you and...!
If you want to make our pretty girl happy and make sure she will always remember you, you can impress the girl by giving her a golden ring.

For reservations contact us today on: (+370) 6337 7727
Find us at 10, Žvejų st. Klaipėda

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Private entertainment area


Opening hours:
I - II - III : Closed,
IV : 21:00 - 03:00,
V : 21:00 - 04:00,
VI : 21:00 - 04:00,
VII : Closed.

Address: 10, Žvejų St., Klaipėda, Lithuania LT-91248
Phone: (+370) 63377727
GPS: Lat. 55 42 31.82 Long. 21 7 52.5

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