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Ideas for a bachelor party and the bachelor party itself at the strip club CRYSTAL SHOW CLUB is an erotic show prepared just for your celebration with a unique show developed employing ideas for a bachelor party and the highest level service!

Striptease performed during the bachelor party will excite not only the culprit of the occasion, but also all the guests. Throughout the night of the bachelor party, sexy and wild dancers will treat you with their exceptional attention, charming and wild girls will not allow any guest of the bachelor party to be bored, and in order for the future groom to feel like a special participant of the celebration, our girls will give him a private erotic dance!

The ideas for a bachelor party that the organisers of our shows have are unlimited: striptease, exceptional attention, exciting erotic show are just a small part of what you will experience during the night of the exceptional occasion. Sexy girls will help you to set free your deep erotic fantasies and grant even the most secret wishes, that night you will feel completely free. At your request, you won’t have to limit yourself only with intimate conversations with the girls.

For those, who want to make this night really exceptional, organisers of our shows, specialists that do not lack ideas for a bachelor party will offer you theme shows prepared just for you.

Choice of bachelor shows from already existing shows, such as:

During Fetish shows, you will be able to forget timidity and completely set your erotic fantasies free.
For those, who want more extreme sensations we offer the unique Domination Show. During this show, you will be able to give yourself to dominating and sexy coquettes, who will make your secret desires come true.
Maybe you want to spice up the evening with exceptional ballet elements? Then the breath-taking show Naked Ballet is for you.You will see that this may be an extremely sexy dance, when our dancers will colour it with fascinating erotic elements.

Having fulfilled your erotic fantasies with exceptional sights, you will be able to relax in the VIP zone or in a Jacuzzi together with a sexy girl, and if you decide to visit the massage room, you will experience an indescribable pleasure during a pleasantly relaxing massage given by our girls.

For your convenience, we will offer a wide bar choice, even the most picky guests will have something to choose from.
The number of bachelor party’s guests in our club is unlimited, you will have a great opportunity to grant unforgettable experiences not only to your closest friends.

An exceptional bachelor party filled with unforgettable experiences in luxurious environment is waiting for you, book a place at the night strip club CRYSTAL SHOW CLUB now.

Why have a bachelor party at the strip club CRYSTAL SHOW CLUB?

Wide choice of bachelor party shows!
Individual bachelor party shows!

The sexiest dancers for your bachelor party!

Modern interior of the strip club will pleasantly surprise you and the guests of your bachelor party!

100 % free transportation of guests to your bachelor party!

Find us at: Žvejų St.10, Klaipėda. Phone: (+370) 63377727

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I : Not working. II : 21:00 - 05:00,
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V : 21:00 - 06:00, VI : 21:00 - 06:00,
VII : 21:00 - 05:00.

Address: Žvejų St. 10, Klaipėda, Lithuania LT-91248
Phone: (+370) 63377727
GPS:: Lat. 55 42 31.82 Long. 21 7 52.5

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